cream colored mother of the groom dresses Cream Colored Mother of the Groom DressesRegardless of the colors of the wedding or the season that the wedding is taking place, cream colored dresses should not be worn by anyone attending a wedding, including the mother of the groom. The wedding day is about the bride and it is considered to be a fashion faux pas to wear a dress that is cream colored, a dress that is white or even wear a dress that is light colored or close to cream.

There are many alternatives that are available to the cream colored wedding dresses that should be avoided. The mother of the groom can choose a dress that suits the season including light pink, light blue, yellow, or even purple. Since there are many other light colors that are available, the mother of the groom can avoid the conflict that comes with wearing a white or cream colored dress to her son’s wedding.

If you would like to have the light colored appearing dresses it is important to check with the bride to determine the colors that are being used in the wedding. Many times, the mother of the bride and the groom will choose dresses that are similar to the tones that are being chosen for the wedding, allowing the bride to create a style that is going to pair well for photos that are taken after the event.